The continued lies and obfuscation of Golriz Gharhaman

Golriz Gharaman gave an interview to Radio NZ on 30 October 2017.

In that interview she made the statement that we highlighted in our Comment of the Day:

It is such a humanitarian emergency. Manus Island is going to be looked at in history as one of the?worst and grossest of human rights violations.?

-Golriz Ghahraman 30 0ct 2017.

We named the date, and now I can provide the link to that statement and the audio (54secs)

She definitely said those words.

And now today?she has denied saying that to Chris Lynch at NewstalkZB. She is now lying like a flatfish, denying her own words.

She can’t even remember statements she made less than a month ago.

This MP can’t tell the truth, can’t remember her own statements, it is almost like she is running the same defence as her former client Radovan Karad?i? whose main defence was he couldn’t recall or remember anything.

So, in her mind Manus Island, where no one has died, is worse than the genocide of the Jews in World War 2 (more than 6 million murdered). Worse than the Turkish genocide of Armenians (1.5 million murdered). Worse than the genocide of the Tutsis in Rwanda (800,000 killed), worse than the war crimes of the Japanese and Germans in World War 2 and worse even than Rape of Nanking where 200,000 Chinese were killed by Japanese soldiers.

She is a piece of work. She should not be an MP.


-research by Sally, Radio NZ, NewstalkZB