Cronywatch: If you have to explain something you are losing the argument

Labour crony and former Finance Minister Michael Cullen’s appointment to the head the tax working group is now being defended by Robbo and Ardern.

The government has defended its pick of Sir Michael Cullen to head its tax working group saying it was unfair to say the former Labour Finance Minister will just toe the party line.

After all their complaints about National’s crony appointments over the years they really have no shame.

Sir Michael’s appointment and the terms of reference?were announced yesterday.

The National Party said it would be a rubber-stamping exercise with a narrow focus, and its finance spokesperson, Steven Joyce, said there was no pretence of independence with the appointment of Sir Michael as chair.

Minister of Finance Grant Robertson told?Morning Report?the National Party had appointed Sir Michael to a number of positions including running NZ Post and?reviewing the intelligence and security laws,?and calling him Labour’s man was unwarranted.

“He’s a person of huge integrity and I think some of the accusations that were being thrown around yesterday were very very unfair.

“He will take this job seriously.”

As seriously as any serial trougher takes any job.

Mr Robertson said there would be a diversity of views among the group with more appointments coming before Christmas.

And I will be watching for additional crony appointments.

But if you are having to explain about the so-called “integrity” of someone then there is none.