Face of the day

Housing Minister Phil Twyford said an independent panel would cut through the spin of Government.

Phil Twyford is attacking the ex-National government for allegedly hiding housing facts. Now that he is the Housing minister, however, he won’t accept what the civil servants?have told him so he instead has hired at great expense three cherry-picked experts who will no doubt say whatever he wants.

The Government has convened an independent housing review?to take stock of the country’s housing supply, but the Opposition is accusing?it of “cherrypicking experts” to justify policy that official figures don’t back up.

Housing and Urban Development Minister Phil Twyford has commissioned a panel of three to provide an “independent stocktake of the housing crisis”, suggesting he did not trust briefings he had?received from Treasury and housing officials.

Great way to make friends and influence people. I wonder how those government employees feel about their new boss?