Guy Williams, Golriz Ghahraman, Keith Locke and Pol Pot

Pol Pot liked to have his picture taken in humble surroundings. This was part of a nationwide propaganda effort to win over peasants.

Golriz Ghahraman said this in her maiden speech:

And to maybe the most political person I know, although a very large, loud white boy?my partner. Thank you for stopping me mid-rant?it seems like a lifetime ago now?when I was lamenting the loss of activism in politics and some of my favourite MPs. I was saying, ?Who?s going to be the candidate that will stand up to the GCSB? Who?s going to be the candidate who will be the new Keith Locke??, and you said, ?You will be that candidate.??and I was. We?re both political, we are both adventurers, but you are also patient. I thank you for that, and for love, but mostly courage, on that day and every day.

This is very interesting because we know that Golly G was involved in prosecuting the Khmer Rouge in Cambodia for their genocide and atrocities…the leader of the Khmer Rouge was Pol Pot.

Now, Guy Williams is the current partner of Golly G and he recently had a holiday in Cambodia…and he thinks it was a big joke. He muses about a country where the biggest tourist attractions are genocide museums. So it seems his commitment to human rights is about as elastic as his missus.

I’m just a dude who’s come back from a holiday in Cambodia two days ago, key difference, who is highly enthusiastic about visiting the country of Cambodia. Completely different.

On face value, Cambodian Tourism seems to have three major selling points: the Angkor Ancient temples, Atrocity museums, and “we do not check ID?card” bars. Not that I would know anything about that? YEAH RIGHT! Ya old mate Guy was sinking piss hard every night yeah boy! I’m dead inside.

That was a joke, if you’re going for a piss up, head to Thailand along with the Australians with Heath Ledger Joker tattoos.

Maybe it is just the comedian in him and he was just warming up his audience. Joking about atrocities is never funny though. He does go on to talk about the appalling atrocities that occurred:

The most shocking memorial to this is the Tuol Sleng torture prison. An unbelievable collection of photographs, torture equipment and human skulls where low estimates suggest 12,000 people, including Kiwi Kerry Hamill, were horrifically abused before being murdered.

After finishing the audio tour, I was again surprised to be offered the chance to meet two of the prison’s seven surviving prisoners. I couldn’t believe it, I’d just been listening to these people’s incredible stories of torture, and here they were smiling doing a book signing.

It was a mind-blowing experience and incredibly saddening to think something like this had happened, and still is happening.

It does still keep happening because people like Golly G keep on defending genocidal maniacs, even trying to prevent them being extradited back home to face the music for their atrocities.

Which now brings me to Keith Locke and Pol Pot. Golriz Ghahraman and Guy Williams think that she will be the new Keith Locke. That is an interesting claim.

Keith Locke famously claimed that Cambodia would be better off when Pol Pot “liberated” the country:

In April 1975 Locke wrote a lead article for ‘Socialist Action’ under the banner heading: “Cambodia Liberated: Victory For Humanity” The “liberators” were of course the Khmer Rouge led by the infamous Pol Pot.

How interesting. Keith Locke supported Pol Pot and Golriz Ghahraman and Guy Williams want her to become the new Keith Locke, yet both of them have seen the results of the horrors and the tragedy of what Pol Pot and the Khmer Rouge perpetrated in Cambodia. I wonder why she wants to be like him?

Mind you like him she supported genocidal maniacs in Rwanda and even tried to prevent one being sent back to face his accusers in Rwanda.

It seems these Green types are rather adept at dancing with new and interesting steps on the heads of pins.


-Fairfax, Trevor Loudon, Parliament