Hurry up and build the bloody wall


A Washington Post article makes light of President Trump’s concerns about the possibility of terrorists entering the US from Mexico. The journalist provides quotes from academics like Christopher Wilson who is the deputy director of the Mexico Institute at the Woodrow Wilson International Centre?for Scholars to minimise Trump’s concerns.

“The Texas-Mexico border is not particularly vulnerable to terrorism.”

Why would an academic have more knowledge about this issue than the President who is kept informed by all the relevant government agencies including the secret ones?

My house is not particularly vulnerable to having strangers enter the premises uninvited and if they do they are most likely to enter via our front door. However, as we live at the beach strangers regularly walk over our front lawn. A fence around our property would provide much-improved security.

Imagine for one minute that Rawshark who has already violated us once by hacking us and handing the stolen information over to Nicky Hager had published an article in 2015 where he speculated on the best way to physically enter our home. Imagine that he described how to enter our home via the beach side, through the doors that are left open for the sea breeze in summer. Now imagine that he wrote about murdering our whole family as we lay sleeping.

[…] It is also worth noting, however, that there is some indication that the Islamic State has at least considered getting into the United States from Mexico. In one of their magazines, Islamic State fighters imagine smuggling a nuclear device from Pakistan to South America, then transporting it north across the border. “From there it’s just a quick hop through a smuggling tunnel and … presto, they’re mingling with another 12 million ‘illegal’ aliens in America with a nuclear bomb in the trunk of their car,” the 2015 article explains.

After spending the main part of the article trying to show that there is no need for a wall to be built between the US and Mexico the writer then points out the need for a wall between the US and Canada.

Trump building the wall- Credit;Giphy

[…] Experts and officials have warned that vigilance is important. And they’ve pointed out that the Canadian border – nearly three times as long and significantly less secure – may actually pose the bigger threat. Just 2000 US Border Patrol agents are stationed along that border, compared with the 18,000 in the south.

According to the?Daily Beast, seven monthly reports from 2014 to 2016 show that more people on the terrorist watch list tried to enter the United States from Canada than Mexico. “We are looking the wrong direction,” said a senior Homeland Security?official familiar with the data told the outlet. “Not to say that Mexico isn’t a problem, but the real bad guys aren’t coming from there – at least not yet.”

-?The Washington Post