The hypocrisy of Chris Hipkins and Labour moaning about written questions

Credit: Luke

Labour are moaning about having to answer a lot of questions:

National’s being accused of spamming Parliament, its MPs lodging more than 6000 parliamentary questions in the last month.

Nearly 6300 questions have been submitted, with the majority asking what events or meetings a minister had attended on a particular date.

In contrast, Newsroom says only 964 were submitted by the Labour-led Opposition in the month following the 2014 election.

So what if Labour only asked that many questions. It shows how useless they were back then.

Labour Leader of the House Chris Hipkins says the Opposition’s got its priorities wrong.

“What we’ve seen from the National Party in the last few weeks is the parliamentary equivalent of spam mail, and as a result I don’t think they’re going to get much useful information out of it,” he told Newshub.


Mr Hipkins says while Labour pushed the boundaries when it was in Opposition, National’s behaviour is unprecedented.

“All New Zealanders, regardless of whether they voted for us or not, want the Government to be effective. I don’t think they want a Government that’s bogged down with trivialities and time-wasting. If the Opposition want to focus their energies on that, we’ll just get on with the job of delivering for New Zealanders.

“At the end of the day, questions like this don’t really serve the public interest. They simply soak up huge amounts of time, and that’s time and money and energy that could be put into serving the public.”

Boo hoo Chippy, go complain to the Speaker, then National will be able to bring up Labour’s previous form on written questions:

Labour in fact has asked more questions in a month. In July 2010 when 8,791 questions were asked.

Over 7,000 of those questions came from a single Labour MP ? Chippie?s mentor ? Trevor Mallard.

Maybe Chippie could complain to the Speaker if he thinks National are asking too many questions!

Looks like Chippy needs some remedial english lessons on what the word “unprecedented” means. What goes around comes around.

Looks like the “Wrecking Ball” Hipkins scored an own goal…again.


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