The interesting Wikipedia edits of Golriz Ghahraman

Australia ‘criminal’ for refusing Manus Island refugees – Golriz Ghahraman | Newshub

Golriz Ghahraman has been caught out being at best economical with the truth.

She claimed on NewstalkZB yesterday all sorts of things, none of which stack up.

I looked through her Wikipedia page which at present states under education and professional life:

Ghahraman has a Masters degree in International Human Rights Law from the?University of Oxford. She has worked as a lawyer for the?United Nations?in both defence and prosecution with the tribunals in Rwanda, Cambodia and The Hague.?She returned to New Zealand in 2012 and worked as a barrister, specialising in human rights law and criminal defence. Ghahraman appeared before the?Supreme Court of New Zealand?in a case which ultimately led to the police overhauling their rules about undercover operations.

That was her page as at 9 November 2017. It has been unedited since then.

However as at 21 October 2017 at 0826 her Wikipedia page stated:

That’s right, just a couple of months ago it stated that “She has worked as a United Nations prosecutor on tribunals in Rwanda, Cambodia and in the Hague.”

This is clearly false. Just over one hour later at 0935 on the same day, the entry was changed to the current wording.

A look back through the edits shows that her profile was set up on 22 January with a cut and paste of a Nelson councillor’s Wikipedia page and then the content was deleted and the new content about her was created.

At 2301 on 22 January, the first day her Wikipedia page was created, the text that says she was a prosecutor only appeared.

So, since the very first day her Wikipedia page was created on 22 January 2017 it has contained a lie, and it was only updated on 21 October 2017, nearly one month after she had been elected. The cover up was underway. But Wikipedia records all edits so you can see when it was done.

Her original Wikipedia entry, from day one until just one month ago, contained her lie unedited. It was only after the election that remedial tidy up work was done.