Jacinda nearly broke Secret Santa? Come on Claire, get serious

Sometimes Red Claire Trevett can be a bit silly.

Take this example from the weekend:

On Wednesday Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern nearly broke ?Secret Santa.

Ardern tweeted she had signed up for Secret Santa on Tuesday and by noon the next day, organisers reported a deluge of others signing up ? up 41 per cent to a record high of more than 3500.??

They issued a public warning that only one person would get to be Ardern’s Secret Santa and only one person would get Ardern as their Secret Santa.

In both cases, neither side would know about it if the rules were ?adhered to. The message was everybody had to ?follow through on their ?commitment to Secret Santa, even if they drew Colin the butcher from Oamaru rather than Ardern.

Suddenly, Secret Santa was like the golden ticket in?Charlie and the Chocolate Factory?although the ?rewards were more negligible.

Such is the lingering stardust as Ardern marks her first month in the role.

Nearly broke Secret Santa? A deluge?

Oh come on, seriously?

If NZ Post can’t make a website to cope with under 4000 sign ups then there is something seriously wrong.

It is actually pathetic that this is even news, and from the Deputy Political Editor at the Herald too.

The left-wing used to complain about John Key and his stunts, now we have a social media princess not a Prime Minister. But the media party just lap it all up.
Want to know just how stupid it all is?

More people follow Secret Santa on Twitter than signed up for Secret Santa.

More Herald fake news.


-NZ Herald