Labor research finds the bleeding obvious, draws wrong conclusions

Australian Greens leader, Richard Di Natale (Picture: AAP)

The Australian Labor Party (ALP) in Victoria have apparently engaged the geniuses at Captain Obvious Research:

Green voters are snobs, says Labor survey.

About 70 per cent of Greens voters in inner Melbourne are rich, dislike unions and think suburban people are backwards, ?racist and bigoted, Labor has concluded based on its own research ? The qualitative research surveyed more than 50 Greens voters in inner suburbs such as Fitzroy, Brunswick and Clifton Hill

If you?ve ever been around these suburbs in Melbourne?s ?latte belt? around election time, where sleek professional couples and their 1.8 non-gender-specific children ride their thousand-dollar bicycles to the organic grocers, the first thing you notice is that at least every second terrace house sports a Greens poster. The next is that these are very wealthy people (median price for a two-bedroom shoebox is well north of a million dollars) and bastions of ?progressive? politics: the vegan cafes flutter with flyers spruiking the politically-correct ideas about refugees, climate change and transgender pronouns.

The findings showed the biggest concern of many Greens voters was the ?notion of living in the outer suburbs that contributed to their ?interest in local planning laws.

?Teal Greens? are usually are usually highly paid professionals in two-wage households, are aged in their 30s and 40s and ?look down on? ?people in suburbs, thinking they hold Australia back from being ?tolerant? and ?just?.

The real surprise here is that Labor apparently needed a research firm to tell them what they could have figured out by just listening to a Greens voter for five minutes. Greens continually spout the kind of vicious snobbery that would make an old-style British social-climber blush. These ?new upper-class?, as Charles Murray says, hold ordinary people ?in contempt. Disdain. And they?re not even hiding it anymore?. Hillary Clinton?s ?Basket of Deplorables? speech was their mission statement.

Yet, having made the amazing discovery that rain is wet, Labor somehow contrive to conclude that rain falls upwards from the ground.

they do not share Labor values

According to Labor senator Kim Carr:

?These are traditionally Liberal voters ? not Labor people.?

Labor are either deluding themselves, here or trying to sell the public a pup.

Labor like to make a big show of representing ?the worker?, but the truth is that for years, decades even, Labor have been pursuing a ?progressive?-left agenda, often in defiance of working-class voters. In fact, when one of Australia?s biggest unions ran an ad on YouTube calling for the Labor party to reassert its core values instead of being taken over by ?progressive? social justice politics, the party forced it off the internet.

Labor can?t bring themselves to admit it, but they have been courting the rich, snobbish ?teal-greens? for decades. They are just miffed that the Greens were the successful suitors.

As the Greens? flyers that papered the latte suburbs said: ?my values haven?t changed, my vote has?.

– The Australian