Listen to Phil Quin on NewstalkZB counter arguments being made against him

Genocide Golly and convicted Rwandan criminal Simon Bikindi

Phil Quin has been shamelessly attacked by apologists for Golriz Ghahraman.

He aquits himself well on two NewstalkZB programmes.

Firstly on Chris Lynch’s show:??

And then on Leighton Smith’s show where he destroys her explanations and those of Andrew Geddis:

Phil Quin has succinctly batted away the more ridiculous counter-arguments of Golriz Ghahraman and those of Andrew Geddis in both interviews.

This isn’t about the right to fair trials, we all agree on that. This is about self-aggrandisement, CV gloss-overs and being extremely economical with the truth.

Those are the issues. Not what she says, not what James Shaw says. It is the underlying dishonesty. She defended and recently defended genocidal maniacs. She hid that until after she was elected. She pretended she was a crusading human rights lawyer. Plenty of other people have been sacked for such inconsistencies with their CVs and the subsequent lying that entails covering it all up. She should be sacked too.

Until the Green party understands that they will continue to tip over with these prat-falls.