How much is Auckland’s Cycle hire set to cost ratepayers?

Thousands of share bikes laid to rest in the south-eastern Chinese city of Xiamen. Photograph: Chen Zixiang for the Guardian

We have?highlighted just how wrong cycle hire schemes go?in cities with much more population and generally flatter terrain than Auckland

So how much is being spent by AC investigating cycle hire schemes?

The answer is a lot.???

Community bike fund open for applications

  1. Auckland Transport is launching a Community Bike Fund with $35,000 of funding available to community groups to support cycling initiatives and projects.
  2. The fund has been established to recognise and support the work of community groups that champion bike riding in the region. Many community organisations have great ideas and Auckland Transport is keen to work with them to deliver creative projects that encourage more people to ride bikes more often.
  3. Funding is available during 2017/18 for community-focussed projects that encourage riding a bike as a regular transport option, improve cycle safety, and contribute to the normalisation of cycling in Auckland. The fund can be used for community events, activities, training programmes, and the development of resources and information for specific communities.
  4. The AT Community Bike Fund budget available is $35,000. The maximum grant amount per application is $5,000. The first round is open for applications from the 30 October to 13 of December 2017. Applicants can apply online and read the grant policy at?

And you think…Come on Cam, that’s that not that much really. But wait there’s more:

The source document is available publicly.

So, Auckland Council is paying private companies $35,000 to look at setting up a bike sharing scheme, for which they have already allocated $1million of ratepayers money to spend on it.

Looks like we will have pictures like these in coming years.

Chinese bike share graveyard a monument to industry’s ‘arrogance’
PHOTO- The Guardian

Ratepayers are being set up for a massive fail and usual it will be us paying for it. This is all part of Phil Goff’s magic targeted rates. We pay more to gift to private companies to fund bikes no one will likely ride, and most will probably end up in the viaduct.



-Auckland Council