Photos of the Day

Male chastity belt. Museum of tortures in Peter and Paul Fortress, St. Petersburg.

Cat and Dogs Meat Man, London, 1930s.

A cured narcotic addict testifies at the Washington State crime investigation committee. The witness was allowed to wear a hood to conceal his identity while testifying on the narcotic traffic in Washington, ca. April 30th, 1952.

Condoms testing – 1935.

McDonald’s menu in 1972.

Female Rusty chastity belt. An accompanying sign notes that prolonged use could produce fatal abrasions.

What is it about vintage costumes that makes them so much more bizarre ? and so much scarier ? than their modern equivalents? Were people really that much stranger back then, or do they only look absurd in hindsight?

Old-School Halloween Costume.

Creepy Halloween costume…

Old-School Halloween Costume. These costumes are creepy.

US troops camping on their way to Rome. WW2.

17th century insanity mask, worn by violent mental patients in madhouses to prevent them from biting others, or scratching their eyes out. If you were not really insane before hand you soon would be after having to wear this.

President Kennedy (center) being briefed on the progress of the Saturn V rocket during a visit to Cape Canaveral just 6 days before he was assassinated, 1963.

Hermann Goering’s mugshot, 22 June 1945.

A Forgotten Age of Open-air Schools in the Netherlands, 1957.

Statue of Yuri Gagarin in Moscow, completed in 1980.

The hard drive we have been waiting for, 1981.

An American soldier’s Thanksgiving on the frontline. WW2.

Coca Cola delivery truck, 1909.

Marilyn Monroe’s Thanksgiving shoot – 1950.

What’s with the dead flowers? The flowers are dead, he looks sad and the others are laughing at him. Jimmy Armstrong, dwarf-clown of the Beatty circus eats at a diner in New Jersey. 1958. That looks like a horrible day back then.

An American soldier angrily strikes two German snipers who, moments before their capture, had killed another American soldier during the battle for control of the city of Leipzig. 16 April 1945.

Self Service Eggs, England, 1963.

Ruins at Mitla – Oaxaca, Mexico – circa 1874.

An Italian mountain gun being lifted in the Alps during World War I.

Roman Polanski sitting out outside his home the day after his wife Sharon Tate and unborn son were murdered inside by the Manson ?Family.?

A Spanish police officer guards the wreckage of two Boeing 747 airliners that collided and burned on the runway of Tenerife Los Rodeos Airport in the Canary Islands on March 27, 1977, killing 583 people – the worst aviation disaster in history.

Signature of Paris Agreements, ending the allied occupation of West Germany, France, 23 October 1954.

A man carrying a rubber giraffe made by Clifford Martin Ltd for the British Industries Fair. London, 1935.

A US Marine recruit is yelled at by his drill sergeant. The recruits have to endure extreme physical stress during the training that lasts from early morning till late in the evening. They have to respond to their superiors’ orders immediately or face severe reprimands. Date unknown.

?Spectators watching a Wall of Death performance featuring a lion in a sidecar?, Revere Beach, MA; ca. 1929.

US soldier slides down the banister in one of Saddam Hussein’s palaces. Iraqi War.

School bus in northern Maine, 1930.

A young prisoner being tortured in a forced labor camp in Georgia in 1932 by being tied to a pickaxe handle.

On her last day as First Lady, Betty Ford jumped on the Cabinet Room table in the White House and started dancing; ca. 1977. An ashtray at every seat. You sure won?t see that anymore.

German Soldier lights a cigarette for a wounded English soldier after the Battle of Epehy, 18th September 1918, photo by Lt Thomas K. Aitken, Imperial War Museum.

The world’s 1st digital image, 1957. Scanned by Russell Kirsch, original size 176×176 pixels.?In 1957, Kirsch’s group developed a digital image scanner, to ?trace variations of intensity over the surfaces of photographs?, and made the first digital scans. One of the first photographs scanned, a picture of Kirsch?s three-month-old son, was captured as just 30,976 pixels, a 176 ? 176 array, in an area measuring 5 cm ? 5 cm. The bit depth was only one bit per pixel, stark black and white with no intermediate shades of gray, but by combining several scans made using different scanning thresholds, grayscale information could also be acquired.