Psssst, boy have I got a job for you *Updated

Have you always wanted a job in the movies?


Well, this job is all about entertainment alright but it looks more like this…

That’s right, we need a few more video buffs to sort the wheat from the Youtube chaff for us.

We need a few volunteers to find one really good video every week on the topic that they take responsibility for.

The slots that we have left to fill are:

  • Tech Thursday
  • Feline Friday
  • Cyst Saturday
  • Sunday Stand-up

Your job will be to send me 4-5 great videos every month. We will be counting on you to only send us the cream of the crop.?

If one of the video slots above sounds like something you will enjoy and can commit to then please email me sb at

The process of being “responsible” for such a slot is to e-mail me a title, a video link and an optional block of additional information (if you are so inclined)?via email.? ?Perhaps 2, 3 or 4 at a time.

If you don’t want to commit to a regular weekly slot on a certain topic but would like to send me great videos when you come across them on topics that you find interesting then please e-mail them to videos at**note it is videos not video)

Pete said that…

getting help from our audience this way is a bit of a crowd-sourcing experiment.? On the one hand, I think more people will be able to find better quality videos than just a few.? And the other thing I’m hoping for is that we’ll get some left-field (other-field?) stuff coming through that would never have occurred to us in the first place.

Personally, I would not watch a video about repotting cacti, but goodness knows, there may be absolute gems that would make for excellent general interest time wasters.? Whatever your interests are, the best videos for the genre are likely to entertain, inform or educate the rest of us.

A big thank you to our existing video?volunteers; your assistance is greatly appreciated by the Whaleoil team. With many people doing a little bit really well we can provide a quality experience for everyone to enjoy.

As we head into the politically slow season once parliament hits recess, we are much more dependent on entertaining ourselves.? And Whaleoil would like to step up the material by using the best resources we’ve got: all of you.