Reality Check for anti-TPP people: Jacinda will deliver you sweet FA

Action Station is really pushing Labour hard to get rid of the TPP altogether

Hundreds of people have crowdfunded nine giant billboards around the country in a protest against the TPPA11.

The billboards address Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern, urging her not to sign the TPPA11 if it has Investor State Dispute Settlement (ISDS) clauses in it that would allow multinationals to sue our government. Ardern flies to Vietnam later this week for TPPA11 negotiations.

One of the giant billboards along Aotea Quay in Wellington.

“It?s imperative that the parties making up the new government stick to their pre-election promises and stand strong against the most dangerous aspects of this deal, including clauses which would allow big businesses to sue our government for passing laws to protect and improve workers rights, public health and the health of our rivers, ocean and wildlife” says Rick Zwaan, campaigner at ActionStation.

“It?s been great to see Jacinda Ardern say she?ll do her ?utmost? to push against the dangerous ISDS clauses, and these billboards are intended to demonstrate the public support for her to do that” says Rick.

Jacinda will do her “utmost” and fail.? The damage to international relationships and existing trade partnerships are simply too important for her to wade into and make a unilateral mess of it.

Don’t get me wrong:? she will want to cancel the TPP.? It’s just that people around her won’t let her do it.

What I will find much more interesting is how long it will take for the hard left to start turning on the Labour government for not implementing all the policies they have spent 9 years supporting.

It must be remembered that Labour’s whole opposition strategy was to be against whatever National wanted.? ?Even if they wanted it themselves, they would be against it.

This has built an expectation on the Left that Labour will now deliver on all of those promises.

Being in government and being a bumper sticker slogan opposition are two different things.

Jacinda has a snowball’s chance in hell of keeping the vocal left happy.