It seems banking is only about profit and not about service

ANZ Bank’s Pahiatua branch will close despite its decline in customers being at a lower rate than some of its other branches.

ANZ?is replacing its Pahiatua branch with?a smart ATM, ?but a union is calling the move a “slap in the face” to the staff who?have worked hard to keep it open.

Three part-time and one full-time staff will lose their jobs and ANZ customers will have to rely on mobile and internet banking, once the branch closes?on Friday next week.

Pahiatua On Track chairwoman Louise Powick?said the community ?would certainly feel its loss.

“There’s a lot of people here who don’t have internet?access.?We?also have an ?ageing population,?and elderly people tend to prefer to use branches so they can do their banking in person.”?[?]

Of course, they prefer to do their banking in person, it?s familiar and they can ask for help as and when they need it.? ?Going to the bank is a human interaction that is so valuable to those living alone.

[?]” The majority of ANZ Pahiatua customers do their banking at other branches in the region already, and most use internet banking.”? Mellow said the elderly were more tech-savvy than they got credit for, and anyone who couldn’t access the online or mobile services could call the bank’s national contact centre.

Most ?? Hmmm ?. do they have the numbers to support that statement?? That aside, Internet Banking is fine for those that are tech-savvy, but for those that aren’t?? Call centres?? I?m sorry, phoning a call centre is just not the same as dealing face to face in person.? For customers with difficulty hearing, talking to call centres is frustrating and embarrassing.? My very polite elderly mother has been known to just hang up rather than continue and has been in tears with the frustration of not being able to understand what is being said.? I?m sure she is not alone.

[?]??Martin said ANZ made a record after-tax profit of $1.9 billion in the year to October 2017.? “It is the largest profit ever seen from a New Zealand bank.? “It’s not like they can’t afford to keep the branch open as a community service. They’re just pulling out to further maximise profits.”? Martin said it was part of a pattern of banks abandoning rural towns, as the competing banks treated them like hot potatoes.

Banks, and it?s not just ANZ, all of the major banks are closing rural branches, need to understand that they are not just providing a banking service, they are part of the community.? A bank making 1.9 billion profit surely can afford the small loss, in relative terms, of keeping a non-profitable rural branch open. ?It shouldn?t just be about the money.


This post was written by Intern Staff