Is it time for some more Green Party inspired merchandise?

What is it about Green MP’s that makes me feel like going shopping?

First, we had Metiria Turei our very own?self-declared welfare fraud who was cheerfully knifed by Jacinda Ardern. Thanks to her we launched a range of mugs and T-shirts. We even fundraised to send mugs to her Green workmates as a political stunt to pressure her to resign.

Cameron Burnell/Fairfax NZ
Without looking too vicious Ardern managed to end Turei’s career.

Jacinda Ardern has said she would have ruled out Green co-leader Metiria Turei in a ministerial position if she had not done so herself.


One down one to go.


The Green list MP Golriz Ghahraman currently in our crosshairs is a? passionate?defender of human rights as well as a defender of genocidal maniacs and?Simon Bikindi who?performed popular songs urging Hutu to slaughter Tutsi.

Wikipedia records his crimes as:

He was?tried and convicted for incitement to?genocide?by the?International Criminal Tribunal for Rwanda?(ICTR) in 2008.

So, not only was she defending actual killers, she was also defending those who incited killings.


She was pretty pleased to be working on this case posing for a genoselfie (genocide + selfie) with Simon Bikindi:

As it stands now she has defended a mass murderer, another person who was found guilty of inciting genocide plus the Yugoslav cases. Her Wikipedia page from the get-go claimed she was a prosecutor, when in fact she was a defence lawyer. Plus she wrote an apologist treatise and genocide denial paper that was published.

We don?t believe it is tenable for her to remain as an MP

Any suggestions for her Mug on a Mug?

What slogan or word best sums up this Green MP?