When “Yes” really means “No”:

The media headline says…

‘We are going in’ – PM on Pike River re-entry

But the PM’s actual words in the video tell a different story.

The words appear to say YES…

The Government remains committed to a manned re-entry of Pike River and has not softened its position on that pledge, Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern says.

“We are [going in]. Our commitment is a manned re-entry. And we remain committed to that,” Ardern told Mike Hosking on?Newstalk ZB.

Last week Ardern and Pike River Minister Andrew Little set out plans for a new Pike River Recovery Agency, including a target of re-entry by March 2019.

In the video, Ardern avoids using words that indicate 100% certainty. She says “We expect” and “We hope.” To put the meaning of these words into context consider whether or not you would think that I was pregnant if I said to you that Cam and I “hope”?that I will get pregnant and “expect” that I will get pregnant and that we had set a target of me getting pregnant by March 2019.

The words say NO…

But Labour has since said that is not an absolute guarantee, with Ardern saying her commitment to the families was to do everything within the Government’s power to attempt a re-entry, but safety would be the priority.

Today, she said those comments were made after being asked by media if her Government would authorise a re-entry if there was evidence people could lose their lives.

“And the point I was making was, actually, the families have never asked us to do that. They have simply asked us to commit to investigating and utilising the evidence they have?and that is what we are doing.” […]

-NZ Herald