2017 Whaleoil Wimmin’s Christmas gift guide

So what are you going to buy for her indoors guys? If you have left the present buying for your better half to the last minute then you are in desperate need of advice from a Wise Woman.

Unfortunately,?I am neither wise nor a woman as I identify as a trans blogger so you will have to make do with my suggestions instead.

Massage oil. The secret to this gift is the coupon that comes with it promising her your services as a masseur. This gift is a win-win as it gives you an excuse to get your hands on her. (hubba hubba)

Get onto Bookabach?and book a dirty weekend away for the two of you. For this to be truly a gift you must do all the organisation to make it happen so that all she has to do is to pack her bag. The most important part of this gift is that she gets your undivided attention so switch off that cell-phone and plan to do things together that she enjoys. Again this is a win-win as if you give?her the gift of time and attention. (hubba hubba)

SB’s Kindle PaperWhite-Whaleoil

If your better half loves to read then buy her a Kindle Paperwhite from Dick Smith or Trademe and then direct her to Klevercase in the UK to chose her own unique cover for it. Klevercase does old-fashioned bookbinding and their covers will make her Kindle look just like a real book.

Here is the cover that I created for mine.

SB’s customer made Kindle PaperWhite cover by Klevercase-Whaleoil

The best gifts are the ones that she has been hinting about all year.

Were you listening?

If you can remember one of them then you will be a hero if you get it for her.

What are her hobbies? Is she a mad keen gardener? What plants or other planting stuff has she been wanting to get? Does she love to sew? Is she an artist? Does she knit? Does she cycle, swim, skin-dive, fish, kayak, paddleboard, run? What hobby related gift could you get her?