Another cynical education bribe that will fail the same as the first one

The reverse Robin Hood is when the government take from the working class in order to benefit the middle class and the wealthy.

?Labour will tax hardworking New Zealanders to fund university for students that come from disproportionately upper and middle class families,? […]

It really is a reverse Robin hood when you think about it.

?Only 8% of kids that leave school with NCEA Level 3 and above are from decile 1 and 2 schools, while 31% are from wealthier decile 9 and 10 schools.

?This policy is a slap in the face for those born between 1972 and 2000. These New Zealanders paid for their degree and will now have to pay again for those currently going through university.

Considering that Ardern’s government claims to care about “fairness” their policy is incredibly unfair when you look at it that way.

?Labour also hasn?t learned the lessons from its interest-free student loan policy, a cynical bribe that was later endorsed by National. Last year, the New Zealand Initiative found the policy had cost taxpayers $6 billion, had not increased university participation rates, didn?t improve accessibility for Maori and Pasifika, and hadn?t reduced the size of the median student loan.

That is quite a long list of failures but hey, FREE STUFF is always a vote winner.

?University students only bear 20% of the cost of their education, yet graduates earn between $1.3 and $4 million more over their working lives than non-graduates. It is incredibly unfair that kids who leave school and go straight into the workforce will have to subsidise the education of university graduates who are more likely to come from wealthy families.

[…]? If you get something for free, you?re less likely to weigh up the associated costs and benefits.

Students are much more likely to choose a useless degree in something like Women’s studies when they do not have to pay back a loan at the end of it. University is also an incredibly social place and people who would not previously have considered it will be tempted to have a year of partying at the taxpayer’s expense. A home-based OE in other words. A year off to have fun before they get serious about looking for employment.