Another fantastical claim from Golriz Ghahraman

Golriz Ghahraman really does have a loose grip on reality.

On August 2017 she tweeted; “I cut my teeth prosecuting governments for hate crimes so twitter bile is water of a ducks back”.

This statement on Twitter is demonstrably false. She has never prosecuted even one government, let alone multiple governments as she claims.? ?

In fact, from her CV it is unclear just how big a role she had in Cambodia prosecuting just five former Khmer Rouge people. On legal documents obtained from the tribunal website she is listed as the last named barrister on the prosecuting team. They aren’t listed in alphabetical order so presumably they are listed in order of importance with the lead counsel being named first. That is the norm worldwide for legal documentation.

Golriz Ghahraman has let a little CV massaging get way out of hand.

She has categorically proven that at best she is an embellisher, but more likely she is just your normal run of the mill bullshitter who has piled on more as she has been found out.

You really do have to wonder what hold she has over James Shaw for him to promote her up the list and stand by her.

If this were Judith Collins the baying from the left about fraud would be incessant. But, because it is one of their own, they just excuse her grandstanding, falsification and outright deceptive behaviour.