Attention Gareth Morgan: Required reading

Gareth Morgan

This surely has to be required reading for Gareth Morgan as he contemplates continuing on with the TOP party.

This is the critical quote that Gareth needs to consider:? ?

The other distinctive obstacle to self-knowledge of jerkitude is the jerk?s inability to listen. Plausibly, one of the most important paths to moral self-knowledge is listening, in a genuinely open way, to other people?s moral criticisms of you. The jerk cannot easily do this. Because the jerk tends not to see others as peers worthy of intellectual and moral respect, the jerk rarely accepts criticism constructively. Why take seriously what a tool or fool has to say? Why try to engage with their critical perspective on you? More likely, the jerk will either dismiss the criticism, counterattack, bloviate, storm off, or smile and sink the knife in deeper.

It is a good article, and as I read it I found that it applied to many politicians but none more so than Gareth Morgan.