Audrey Young not just drinking Koolaid, now swizzling it and gargling it as well

(Photo by Hagen Hopkins/Getty Images)

I think Audrey Young must have hit the Press gallery drinks sauce a little earlier than usual.

She waxes lyrical about Labour’s new budget:

For a package in which there were really no surprises, the Labour-led Government’s first budget exercise has had a stunning impact.

It was summed up in one headline:?Labour’s package expected to halve child poverty.

The prospect of one package nearly halving the number of kids in low-income households (using the standard OECD income measure) when it is fully implemented is the sort of outcome that may assuage resentment of those whose tax cuts have been cancelled to fund it.

It is not that National’s package did nothing. If it had been implemented it was going to immediately lift 55,000 children out of poverty or 34 per cent on the same measure.

As soon as Labour’s package takes effect, in July, it will lift 71,000 children out of poverty, or 44 per cent.

By the time it is fully implemented, the figure will be 88,000 or 48 per cent.

Pray tell, how will giving them money miraculously lift them out of poverty? Labour’s measure does nothing to lift the median wage, upon which the calculations for child poverty are predicated. If the median moves up then there are likely to be MORE not less experiencing child poverty.

Cancelling tax cuts and giving handouts will NOT lift a single child out of poverty.

Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern has instantly delivered on the Government’s top priority, the area in which she has given herself oversight, child poverty reduction.

She hasn’t delivered a single thing. They’ve moved the goal posts, but not scored a single goal yet.

The allowances for unallocated spending over four years will demand very tight budgets and fiscal discipline.

Treasury’s growth forecasts are on the upside compared with economists’ and are therefore forecasting more tax revenue to spend.

It may be a very happy Christmas for Robertson this year but it won’t take very much to turn him into the Grinch in future years.

No one is going to remember this budget in two weeks, let alone after January, other than all those who missed out on their tax cuts. They won’t be forgetting in a hurry as they realise that they are paying more tax so other people can breed and get more from the government.


-NZ Herald