Aussies really steamed about Jacinda’s “naive virtue-signalling”

The Aussies are really angry with Jacinda Ardern’s constant virtue-signalling over Manus Island.

They are steamed, from the government to pundits. This is Miranda Devine:

NEW Zealand?s new Labour PM Jacinda Ardern has a hide.

Her repeated offers to take some of the asylum seekers now causing trouble on Manus Island is just naive virtue-signalling.

Ardern should know that her meddling runs the risk of putting what Indonesia calls the ?sugar? back on the table for people smugglers.??

The last time a Labor leader did that in Australia, 1200 people drowned at sea, and we are still dealing with the backlog of 50,000 unauthorised arrivals. The problems on Manus Island are the legacy of Kevin Rudd?s virtue signalling. We don?t need a Kiwi version of Rudd.

Already leaked intelligence reports from Australia reportedly show that four boatloads of asylum seekers were intercepted trying to reach New Zealand, citing the new Ardern government as a more ?friendly? lure.

Ardern is sending a message to the people smugglers that Australia?s borders could have a back door via NZ.

She is giving them a product to sell to gullible economic refugees who risk their life only to end up in detention centres.

Surely, as a new PM she has enough on her plate in her own back yard. We love our Kiwi cousins but please mind your own business.

Short, blunt, but accurate. Word is the diplomatic missives are becoming more and more undiplomatic.


-Daily Telegraph