Beggars on Auckland’s streets
Beggars out in force as Auckland summer cruise ship season arrives

Guest Post:

Aucklanders making their way on foot from the railway station will be familiar with the detritus of life slumped against shop fronts in Queen Street.??They appear to have slept there. These early rising office workers on their way to work are accosted by people asking them for money.

A smartly dressed woman walking alone turns her head to avoid eye contact and has “rich bitch!” yelled at her.??Which is infinitely preferable to having someone on their feet weave drugged or drunkenly toward you as happened to a colleague who makes this trek every weekday.??She now walks in running shoes changing into her heels when she gets to work.

Countdown in Mount Wellington, not the smart Sylvia Park one, the much scruffier version across the road, frequently has beggars sitting by the entrance.??Not making eye contact and scurrying past is my way of avoiding them.

Not so for a male friend who shops there.??He eyeballed the fit looking under-20-year-old-man squatting against the building asking him for money. “I’m in my seventies and I still work!??What’s wrong with you???You are young and fit, why are you sitting on your bum out here?”??My friend bought his groceries and when he came out the young man was gone.

I applaud my friend’s approach but I’m not a six foot plus well-built male.
Why does it appear that there are more people asking for money or for food on the streets of our towns?