Bob Jones on the demise of the media

Bob Jones examines why the media are failing:

My God, I?ll miss the Dominion-Post?s insanity when it?s gone. Probably that?s within four to five years at the current collapsing circulation rate as moronic cell-phonism replaces newspapers as the sole source of information. Take this heading in last Saturday?s edition. ?World-famous bar closing.?

This recounted how a small capital backstreet bar I?ve never heard of, is closing because, despite its claimed international fame, it?s not a financial goer. This alleged world fame was explained because apparently a dime-a-dozen actress once tried to enter when it was closed.

Presumably, there will be mourning in Mongolia, grief in Guatemala and sobbing in Somalia when this catastrophic closure news reaches the outside world. That was an absolute classic ?only in the Dom? news-story.?

That same edition prominently featured a photo of nine naked men?s bums, this we were informed being the Wellington Rowing club?s fund-raising effort on behalf of ?mental health awareness.?

Apparently, 12 different photos of rowers’ bums are to be displayed in a calendar, 500 of which are ?hoped? to be sold at $25 each. Should they achieve this, 10%, that?s a pathetic $1250, would go to the Mental Health Awareness Foundation and the rowing club would pocket the rest.

I assume the target market are homosexuals as I can?t imagine anyone else finding appeal in this spectacle.

That the Dom? considers this absurd non-story a top of the page lead item says plenty about their own contribution to their collapsing circulation.

It isn’t just the Dom Post, the Herald has sunk that low too.

He’s right though, mainstream media have become an unedifying spectacle that even long-time newspaper aficionados like Bob Jones have had enough.