Book Review Of The Day – Order In Chaos – The Memoirs Of General Of Panzer Troops

The Whaleoil Book Club is something that we are doing on a semi regular basis. It is a compilation of recommended books from readers which have been asked for in the comments section of the General Debate and Back Chat posts. This holiday season we are going to review one book per day so that it gives people a chance to do their own research on the books and authors by using the links provided and not miss out by being bombarded by a whole lot at once. You will be able to navigate to the previous reviews as we progress.

The purpose is to share with others sources of information and/or entertainment to aid with relaxing as people take some time off work.??

Each book is set out in its own paragraph in the format of Title, author and a commenters own blurb.

Todays review comes from Wally-Betts-Sock

Order In Chaos – The Memoirs Of General Of Panzer Troops.

By Hermann Balck.

Wally said: “Balck served in the Kaiser’s army as a Lieutenant in WWI and remained as an officer in the Reichswehr through the ’20s and ’30s, surviving WWII serving with the Wehrmacht. He was an ardent diarist who finally published this book in 1981 (he died the following year.) Apart from his war experiences, Balck gives some fascinating insights into how broken the German Empire was after 1918, and how close it came to a Communist takeover in that country.”


Amazon said: “Balck discusses his childhood and his career through the First and Second World Wars. His memoir details the command decision-making process as well as operations on the ground during crucial battles, including the Battle of the Marne in World War I and his incredible victories against a larger and better-equipped Soviet army at the Chir River in World War II. Balck also offers observations on Germany’s greatest generals, such as Erich Ludendorff and Heinz Guderian, and shares his thoughts on international relations, domestic politics, and Germany’s place in history.”