Can anyone else sniff the stench of a cover up?

The report into the alleged “botulism” poisoning of a Tokoroa family has been released, late on Friday afternoon, just before the holiday period.

If you want to bury a story that is the best time to do it. I smell a cover up…because it isn’t botulism.

A Waikato family thrashed wildly, behaved like children and laughed at nothing during stages of their recovery from a mystery food-borne illness.

Botulism, the initial diagnosis, may not have caused the poisoning of three Waikato family members.

Shibu?Kochummen, 35, his wife Subi?Babu, 33, and his mother?Alekutty?Daniel, 62, were found in a vegetative state on the floor of their Putaruru home on November 10 after eating a wild boar curry.

And according to Kochummen’s?medical discharge notes, which were posted?on YouTube by the?TV Wild Show, the first round of testing came back negative for botulism.?

The cause remains a mystery.

It won’t be a mystery at all…there are very few things that can do this…and 1080 is one of them.

Mercury, arsenic and lead?have all been tested for,?family spokesman?Joji?Varghese?told?the?TV Wild Show?YouTube channel, but so far, there?have been no positive?results.

Friends close to the family – who are now out of hospital and recovering at home -?now doubt the?botulism diagnosis, but they might?never find out exactly what poisoned them.

And 1080 poison was?ruled out by?Waikato Hospital, Varghese?said,?as a whole cereal bowl full would have had to be consumed to have the impact that it had on them.

Well, that’s just bullshit. If someone weighed 80kilos then a LD50 (Lethal dose for 50% of victims) and would be less than 40mg and contained in baits as little as 30g. But why the hell hasn’t there been any tests for 1080. Instead they are testing for lead, mercury and arsenic…which are bloody hard to get poisoned by. The manufacturers MSDS sheet makes a lie of claims that you need to ingest a whole bowl of 1080 baits to get posioned.

What is really interesting is the symptoms of 1080 poisoning according the manufacturers MSDS sheet.

Those symptoms match precisely what happened to this family. The claims from the hospital and official that you’d have to eat a whole cereal bowl are equally specious.

Right now the prudent cause of action is to say 1080 poisoning, and the officials need to prove it isn’t.

Which then leads to concerns over the safety of the poison, as we have been repeatedly told that humans are safe from the poison.

The fact this report has been dropped late in the afternoon on the last business day of the year just stinks. It reeks of a cover up.


-Fairfax, TV Wild, Pestoff