Can the Police be trusted when it comes to Arms Act enforcement?

via 3 News

There is a systemic problem within the Police regarding the enforcement of the Arms Act and in dealing with firearms in general.

They have been constantly pushing for tougher applications of the Arms Act, in many case acting illegally. Some people do challenge their rulings, but it is clear that the Police have an anti-Gun stance. Rather than enabling shooters they are instead intent on persecuting them.

Recently the Arms Code was re-issued but there were significant issues with it, and it was subsequently withdrawn. However in doing so the Police embarked on a course of obfuscation, obstruction and deceit over how the new Arms Code came to be.

The Kiwi Gun Blog reports:

Readers will likely remember the Arms Code fiasco earlier in the year.

Police just added a veritable wish list of utterly illegal new policy and restrictions. With no basis in law whatsoever.

The backlash was immediate. The booklets were recalled. Tens of thousands of taxpayers dollars was wasted in printing costs alone.

Nobody was held responsible.

The Kiwi Gun Blog had asked for the names of the people behind it.

Police refused.

Our complaint to the Ombudsman resulted in the Police changing their mind:


So lets meet the committee.

The ?External technical advisory committee? who the Police had consulted with to ? in cooperation ? develop the illegal document.



Yep. The external committee was ONE person.

Police listed the feedback Nicole provided and this was STRICTLY clarification of some safety issues. That?s it.


So ONE person was consulted ? at an early stage of the process ? in a very narrow area of safety ? before the illegal material was introduced and the Police had the sheer gall to pretend that there was an entire committee of external civilian experts giving credibility to the work.

If you think that was bad, check out what Police said at the time of publishing the wonky version of the Arms Code.

?Too numerous to name individually??


Lets try?


There you go.

Not so hard after all.

The new Police minister, Stuart Nash, is going to have to work very hard for any licenced shooter to have confidence in the Police again.

There are serious problems, and the more they crusade against legal firearms owners on the basis of false, misleading or lack of data the more it will appear they are crusading to disarm legal shooters while ignoring criminals committing crimes with firearms with apparent impunity.


-The Kiwi Gun Blog