And these clowns think they can spend $50m on an aquarium effectively

The Napier City Council have to be one of the most incompetent councils in the country.?

A huge new reservoir that may have averted Napier’s water crisis has been sitting empty for months?due to construction faults.

The water crisis occurred on Monday when Napier City Council informed residents the city’s reservoir levels were so low that it could run out of water that night unless water usage eased. Usage eased and water levels rose.

Napier Mayor Bill Dalton said residents had been using too much water. Over the weekend of December 2-3 they used just under 40,000 cubic metres each day, compared to the?city’s average of 29,000 cubic metres a day.

Stuff?can reveal that?the city’s newest reservoir, its eighth, has been sitting idle due to construction faults.

The new Taradale reservoir, built alongside a similar sized existing?reservoir, should hold 9200 cubic metres of water, and was supposed to have been completed by July last year.

But it was found to have a leaky roof and can’t be used because the risk of water contamination is too high.

Napier City Council’s director of infrastructure?Jon Kingsford said the reservoir did not meet requirements set out in a contract with its builders.

Had it been operational by now “over all capacity would have been improved however demand was such that it may or may not have helped in these circumstances – and it’s difficult to guess at this”, he said.

I bet Bill Dalton’s gin bottle doesn’t leak as fast.

This is what happens when you elect a clown for mayor.