Coming to Dominion Road soon…

Labour is going to foist a “light-rail” system on us and it will travel down Dominion Road, one of the worst roads in Auckland for traffic.

Far from it easing congestion, it is likely to make it worse, as Dublin recently found out.

Dublin’s latest tram line has been accused of causing traffic chaos since it opened last week, and now it has been found that a part of the journey is speedier on foot.

The Luas Cross City tram line has taken four years to complete, costing some ?368million (?324million), and runs for 3.7miles through Dublin’s city centre.

An investigation by the?Irish Sun?found that a nine-minute journey through central Dublin took just over seven-and-a-half minutes to walk.

Both reporters started off at the Luas Cross City tram stop by St Stephen’s Green, and were timed on their journey to O’Connell Street.

The reporter who took the tram got to ?O’Connell Street in nine minutes and eight seconds, while the man who took a brisk walk made it in seven minutes and 46 seconds.

The new tram line has already come under harsh critique, despite only being open for less than a week.

The cross-city trams have been accused of causing traffic jams and blocking cyclists, buses and cars, which in turn has made commuters’ life hell.

Many residents have taken to social media to air their grievances, with some accusing the local government of wasting money.

If there is one thing local government is good at doing, particularly in Auckland, it is wasting money.

There is ample evidence world-wide that these toys and playthings of councillors and politicians just make matters worse. If you look at AT’s own picture (above) you can see the lies, there isn’t a car in sight on the busiest road in Auckland.

But the politicians are so convinced of their own infallibility that they press on regardless.


-Daily Mail