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From George and his open letter to Grant Robertson:

Open letter to Grant Robertson:

It?s been a couple of days since your mini budget. Just enough time to let the fairy dust settle. Like yourselves and everything you represent, it was a work of fiction. You, Robertson, strutted the stage like some prima donna believing you were giving a performance of a lifetime, however you were one of the few who appeared oblivious to the fact that your tights were split the entire length of your crouch enabling the BS to flow freely. The stench was appalling. Let’s substitute pseudo with fact shall we. That will be a whole new experience for you I suggest.

You cancelled the tax threshold adjustments and presided over the redistributed of this money. This money was generated by taxpayers under the sound fiscal management of the previous administration. This was a surplus, not of your making, but as is your want, it took you no time to disperse it. It was not distributed to those who created the surplus but to those whose contributed the least. Again the non-productive sector being rewarded at the expense of the productive, socialism one-o-one.

The rest of your diatribe was devoted to how your Government will restore the sick and dysfunctional society you inherited. Child poverty. Your Godmother will spread her fairy dust on the perceived child poverty issue. Her concern is a fabrication. A real leader would walk through the front door of these children?s’ homes and sort out their drop-kick parents, not reward them with more free money if they continue to breed unabated. She is not the patron saint of children, but a manipulative socialist advancing her career without guilt of her blatant deception.

You claim the previous administration neglected infrastructure. What do you call the investment of $15b spent on the infrastructure to restore Christchurch and the additional investment of $2b to repair State highway 1 after the Kaikoura earthquake? Even after these catastrophic events, the last Government also still managed to built the Auckland Waterview Tunnel road-link for $1.4b, which incidentally, was a lane wider in both directions and was delivered at a $1b less than the Clark administration had planned and budgeted. This project has had an immediate and a very positive effect on reducing the road congestion experienced in this part of Auckland. If your administration had to find $17b to address two unplanned natural disasters, how would your infrastructure budget look then? You would freeze in the headlights. What would happen to your preposterous Airport rail link? And that other nonsensical Auckland rail loop?

Global Warming: Your embarrassment is somewhat spared by your coalition partner Shaw. He managed to even trump you with a presentation of utter tripe.

Well, talk it up Grant. You, your party and your leader are all fake. One thing that is for sure, and with this I agree with you. The Chief Executives within the State Sector are over paid. Ardern?s employment package of $500,000 pa and yours at $300,000pa are outrageous amounts for two socialist simpletons.

Fiscal management one-o-one:
Socialism: You have two cows. The State takes your cows and gives you milk.
Capitalism: You have two cows. You sell one and buy a bull. The herd multiplies, the economy grows. You sell them and then retire on the income. That’s how easy it is Grant.

George nails it.