People who sexualise young children are the problem not loving Dads

[…] An Australian mother who has banned her husband from bathing their young daughters has been slammed by Kiwi parenting organisations, with one labelling it “sad” for not only the father but also the children.

The Queensland woman says she refuses to let her husband?bathe them as she doesn’t “feel comfortable for a man to do this”.

The woman explained that she feels her husband shouldn’t bathe their young daughters “because they have different body parts”.

Logically if different body parts were really the reason then as a mother?she would not be able to bath her young sons or change their nappies but I bet she wouldn’t ban herself from that task.

“People play the ‘I was molested card’ so very often these days, I just don’t want in any way to give my kids the chance to even think about that.”

Her husband has been left angry, upset and frustrated at the decision.

I don’t blame him. If she seriously thinks that he is a paedophile and therefore a threat to their daughters then why is she still with him? Why would he want to stay with a woman who believes that he is that depraved? If she genuinely doesn’t think that he is a paedophile then her objection to him seeing them naked can only be because she has sexualised the girls in her mind and sees them as sexual objects capable of arousing a normal heterosexual male.

But Kiwi parenting support organisation Parent Help has been left dumbfounded by the woman’s decision.

Helpline co-ordinator Louise Rolfe said fathers bathing their children was a “very normal thing to do”.

“I think it’s very sad, this kind of paranoia. The world we live in today people are so frightened of doing the wrong thing that they end up throwing everything out the window, with all sense of reason.”

Rolfe said her own husband bathed their children and it was a great bonding time for them both.[…]

-NZ Herald

This Australian woman’s views are in line with most sects of Islam where a young girl, even a baby is seen as a sexual object capable of arousing a normal, heterosexual male. The spin that they use to defend covering young girls in Niqabs is that it is for their own protection. I am sure that this Australian mother thinks that she is protecting her daughters from her husband by banning him from bathing them.

In both cases, it is a worldview that either sees the majority of men as paedophiles or that sees young girls as sexual objects that normal heterosexual males would be aroused and therefore ” tempted” by. It is a view that I wholeheartedly reject as the problem is not young children but people and religions like Islam that sexualise them and see them as sexual objects.