The continued mistruths about Golriz Ghahraman

This little video is being shared by Green party members all over Facebook:

The video celebrates Golriz Ghahraman and lauds her for “defending vulnerable communities.”

That is a blatant and provable lie. Can anyone name one vulnerable community she has defended???

She has actually defended convicted war criminals.

Since her stints as a paper shuffler in courts around the world, she has set up shop in NZ as a run of the mill car boot defence lawyer. She has continued to represent convicted war criminals in order to assist them in avoiding extradition to face the music in the countries they victimised.

She hasn’t defended a single vulnerable community in her lifetime.

The Green party has let these lies stand, and now they are being promoted worldwide.

It is amazing that James Shaw has done nothing, though perhaps not so amazing when one understands the nature of power relationships.

In any case, the Green party, through their activists, are still spreading the lies of Golriz Ghahraman. Luckily this constitutes an advertisement, and it is misleading, so one can complain to the Advertising Standards Authority.


-tipline, Facebook