I would have dearie, but you took my tax cut

Jacinda Ardern wants us to all help the needy:

“Queues out the door” at the Auckland City Mission show just how much impoverished Kiwis?need help, the Prime Minister said.

Jacinda Ardern and senior Government ministers visited the mission on Thursday, witnessing the demand for food parcels.

“All of us have been aware of the huge demand for places and services across the country like Auckland City Mission,” Ardern said.??
“Today they’ve hit record numbers – 400 food parcels, I urge anyone who can spare non-perishable foods” to give them to charities, she said.

On Wednesday,?Alexis Sawyers, the mission’s fundraising team leader, said 400 parcels a day was pushing the charity to its limits.

Although feeding people was one of the mission’s aims, its “priority” was rasing donations so it could continue its work helping people post-holiday break.

The mission needs to raise $1.3 million to meet demand for its services.

Donations had been “slower than we’d hoped”, Sawyers said.

Ardern promised that poverty-reduction measures?taken by her?new Labour-led coalition government?would?eventually work.

“What we’ve done in the last 60 days won’t have an immediate effect.

“No one wants to be in business” running services having to provide food and accommodation to the needy families over the holiday period, she said.

“They ultimately want to be out of business.”

Ardern’s “only question” to city mission chief executive?Chris Farrelly?was?’how long will it take to fix this?'”

If she hadn’t spent $3million on Manus Island criminals and ratbags perhaps she might have been able to help.

What a silly little girl, it wouldn’t matter how much money they gave City Mission there will still be bludgers standing in line for free handouts.

But my willingness to help diminished in direct proportion to the amount Labour took from me by cancelling the tax cuts.