What a difference a move of 5m* makes

A recent article here linked me to another political blog to read what a left-wing blogger had to say about the ongoing Greens’ gaffe, glamorous Golriz Ghahraman.

The most interesting thing on the page was a side-bar promotion of a group opposing the TPPA.

Screenshot Whaleoil

Since it is now the CPTPPA, the continuing, post-election, promotion of the anti-TPPA brigade was well past its use-by-date but, curious, I clicked through on the link to find a page with this table:

Screenshot Whaleoil

I wonder what the compiler of that table would put in the grid today?? Seems to me that there would be a lot less green in the table as a shift of 5m* in the debating chamber appears to have changed the thinking of some of the parties that are now in Government.? It is such a hassle being bitten on the backside by reality and having to grow up, isn’t it?

* 5m is my visual estimate of the gap between the Government and Opposition benches.