Diversity Smersity

On Trademe’s job hunting guide there is a whole section devoted to diversity where it claims that:

Diversity in the workplace is the subject of increasing focus for employers and recruiters in New Zealand. More employers are realising that by embracing diversity, they will attract more highly qualified candidates.

“Oh, there are too many straight white males working for that company. Even though it is a highly paid vacancy that I am qualified to apply for I will give that opportunity a miss,” said no woman of colour/lesbian/homosexual/transgender/Hindu/Muslim/disabled person ever.

Employers are also recognising that a diverse workforce is an important factor for job hunters, with 67% of active and passive job hunters saying that they feel diversity is an important factor when evaluating companies and job offers*.

I assume that the 67% are made up of brainwashed university graduates and people who consider themselves diverse in some way. If companies have to tick a diversity box it becomes an advantage to be a member of a minority.

Diversity boxes are an incredibly racist company policy. Worst possible interpretation of them is that the company believes that “diverse” people can’t get there on their own merits. The best possible interpretation of them is that they are there so if two equally suitable candidates apply then the one with that was considered to be most diverse would get the job thereby discriminating against the less diverse person.

The Hunger Games -Time magazine Murray Close?Lionsgate

I call them the Diversity games, a job application process where minorities are forced to compete against each other in order to win the title of most diverse. Straight white males aren’t allowed to play even if they come from diverse European cultures like Norway, Sweden, Germany, Holland and Ireland because diversity means not white.

The only way for white males these days to gain an advantage is to follow the lead of transgender woman Lily Madigan from the UK who successfully was employed as Women’s Officer for the Labour party in Kent by getting the woman who held the position fired.

Lily Madigan, 19, won the vote in Rochester and Strood, in Kent

I don’t envy New Zealand employers having the play the diversity games. When it was just the best person for the job it was simple. Now they have to decide which of these people is highest up the victimhood pyramid of diversity.


Applicant A)

Young businesswoman using telephone at desk


Applicant B) ( *just kidding he’s white! He has no chance)

Young businessman using computer in an office


Applicant C)

Young businessman works on computer in office

Applicant D)

Young businesswoman works on computer in office


Applicant E)

Young transgender businessperson works on computer in office

Seriously though. Do they use a scoring system? Is female better than male and transgender better than lesbian? Is Muslim better than Jew or Christian? How does the discrimination work exactly? Is darker skin better than lighter skin? Is fat better than thin? I need to know these things.