More embellishment from Golly G

David Farrar has released a letter (yes, an actual letter, how quaint) referencing claims made by Golriz Ghahraman about her legal practice in New Zealand.

I received this letter by post. There was no name or address so I can?t verify the authenticity of it. However I have no reason to doubt the content as it fits the other exaggerations I have blogged on.

There?s a story here for an investigative journalist.

Important to note that as far as I can tell, Ghahraman has never directly lied about her work. She has grossly exaggerated it, and never corrected inaccuracies (including two speeches from her leader and her own profile on the Greens website), but no direct lies. She is not the first and won?t be the last MP to have an exaggerated CV. But the degree of exaggeration with Ghahraman seems at the extreme end of the scale.

Farrar is being much too nice. She has most definitely lied. She lied when she claimed to have run prosecutions, she hasn’t. She lied when she claimed to have put away genocidaires, she hasn’t, she actually defended them. She lied when she claimed she prosecuted in Rwanda and The Hague, she didn’t, she defended the charged criminals. She lied when she stated she has prosecuted heads of state, she hasn’t.

She has lied by omission, and by commission by hyping up what is now a rather lacklustre CV. She’s been defended by James Shaw. One must wonder if she has him by the short and curlies for him to die in a ditch for her.

The thing is this…Aaron Gilmore was run out of parliament for making a cock of himself and asking people if they knew who he was. But Gilmore, who certainly failed the no dickheads rule, never lied on his CV or embellished his CV in any way.

Todd Barclay was forced from parliament based on spiteful, and unproven allegations against him by a former staff member.

Somehow though the shield of sanctimony and cloak of hypocrisy means that Green MP’s are held to an incredibly low standard while others are held to a higher standard.