Is Europe run by Laurel and Hardy?

The ‘Great Wall of Calais’, built to prevent illegal migrants coming to Britain, contains a series of unlocked doors. So the migrants are now opening the doors. It’s like Europe is governed by Laurel and Hardy.

-Anne Marie Waters

[…] The 13ft barrier, dubbed?The Great Wall of Calais, was built using ?2.3million of UK taxpayers? money.

It runs for well over half a mile beside the N216 motorway, which ends at the town?s ferry port terminal.

But a probe has found that steel doors set into it as access points for French officials are a glaring weak point.

On the side of the wall facing away from the road the doors look like featureless sheets of plain metal.

A huge wall in Calais meant to stop migrants has been fitted with unlocked doors

But on the traffic side they have handles with simple catches which can be opened without a key.

Investigator Oliver Pritchard by unlocked door

“Shhhh don’t let the migrants know”

Migrants?have discovered that all they have to do is gather at a door and send one of their mates running to the end of the wall.

He skirts round it, hares back to the door and opens it to let them all pour through to the road where they can jump on trucks ? the very thing the wall was designed to prevent.

It would be funny if it wasn’t so deadly serious.


The embarrassing security lapse is said to be an open secret among?Calais? community of migrants desperately trying to get to Britain illegally.

What kind of a genius designs a wall to?keep people out with unlocked access doors?

An investigative team visited the area and saw first-hand how the doors can be opened in as little as 20 seconds.

A migrant in a camp in woodland near where the wall ends, at a roundabout next to Rue Yervant Toumaniantz, said it was ?easy? to beat security.

[…] A source said the wall had been designed with access points to allow border officials to intercept migrants as they attempted to sneak into the UK. But an aid worker said the unlocked doors had rendered the whole thing ?totally pointless?.

The wall is 13ft high and was built using ?2.3million of UK taxpayers? money.

The barrier runs for well over half a mile beside the N216 motorway
The worker said: ?It cost a fortune and does nothing.[…]

The Home Office said: ?Security for the wall is a responsibility for the French authorities.

?We continue to work with our French counterparts to maintain border security and keep legitimate passengers and trade moving.

?Last year Border Force disrupted over 56,000 illegal attempts to enter the UK. Officers use some of the most advanced detection technology around.?

Seriously? What a group of clowns.