Face of the day

One of the men least suitable for a political leadership role in the history of New Zealand politics is Gareth Morgan and this week he finally acknowledged that fact.

[…] “Let’s stop the farce – I don’t want to go into Parliament,” Dr Morgan said.

“The plan is I go back into the back office and work my butt off on policy, and we have people who are natural politicians in the front helping with the selling of it.”

Dr Morgan’s brazen attitude rubbed many the wrong way during the election campaign. He lashed out at “femo-facsists”, called Labour leader Jacinda Ardern “lipstick on a pig” and frequently got into lengthy late-night arguments with the public on social media.[…]

He also called New Zealanders ” selfish”, fired a candidate via e-mail calling her a “pain in the arse” and took a pot-shot at the PM when her cat Paddles was run over by a car.