Face of the day

Bryce Edwards

Bryce Edwards deserves an award for dedication in 2017 to his quest to ignore the biggest and most popular elephant in the room. Since the Dirty Politics hit on Whaleoil he either made a personal decision or was told by his editor to pretend that New Zealand’s largest, most read and most popular blog does not in fact exist.

To achieve this he had to wear not only special glasses but blinkers as well. His special eyewear allows him to include posts from blogs with audiences of around ten in his political?roundup while ignoring the only blog in New Zealand that is so popular that it is funded by a subscription model.

By deliberately ignoring New Zealand’s largest blog he is ensuring that the downward slide of his Media organisation will continue unchecked. If people wanted to read articles from little-known blogs then that is where the audience would be. Perhaps he is doing it out of kindness in the hope that by pointing his media organisations audience towards these blogs they might one day start to grow in size instead of continuing to stagnate.

I wonder if it gives him some kind of personal satisfaction to ignore Whaleoil every day in his political roundup? He may want to reconsider highlighting one of the blogs however as its favourite topic?is writing about Whaleoil posts so by sending readers their way they will inevitably end up here in order to find out what all the fuss is about.

Imagine the energy required to every single day turn your head and eyes away from the political blog where all the action is when your job is to put together a summary of all the different points of view on certain topics across both new and old media.

It is quite exciting working for a blog so powerful,?so threatening and so influential that a man like Bryce Edwards dares not speak our editor’s name let alone include his posts in his Political Roundup.

If you want to know who the MSM fears all you need to do is to look at who they won’t talk about.