Faces of the Day

TIME magazine has made ‘The Silence Breakers’ person of the year.

The response to the Weinstein allegations has shaped the way people view women who come forward. In a?TIME/SurveyMonkey online poll?of American adults conducted Nov. 28?30, 82% of respondents said women are more likely to speak out about harassment since the Weinstein allegations. Meanwhile, 85% say they believe the women making allegations of sexual harassment.

The movement?and fallout?quickly spread around the world. Michael Fallon, Britain’s Defense Secretary, quit the Cabinet after journalist Jane Merrick revealed that he had “lunged” at her in 2003, when she was a 29-year-old reporter. In France, women took to the streets chanting not only “Me too” but also “Balance ton porc,” which translates roughly to “Expose your pig,” a hashtag conceived by French journalist Sandra Muller. In the week after #MeToo first surfaced, versions of it swept through 85 countries, from India, where the struggle against harassment and assault had already become a national debate in recent years, to the Middle East, Asia and parts in between.

Wait until it takes hold here. Politicians across the political spectrum may yet be held to account for staying silent on a wife-beater who holds a prominent position that all know about…and have remained silent. Politicians should have no fear, they have parliamentary privilege. Ordinary citizens risk being sued into silence and broken inside our justice system for standing up to powerful and wealthy people.

If our politicians won’t stand up for victims, who will? They know…they’ve stayed silent, they are complicit.