For once I agree with the PPTA

Ok, settle down, I know the headline is concerning, but when you read this you will see why I agree with the PPTA:

A teacher who has been censured for stopping two boys banging each other’s heads against their desks says that in hindsight she should have left them to it.

The Teachers Disciplinary?Tribunal has found?that Wairarapa College teacher Lesley Davies committed “serious misconduct” when she put her hand on the head of one of the students in a Year 9 maths class to stop him banging the other student’s head on the desk.

“We find that the respondent’s decision to apply pressure to a student’s head in circumstances where he was pushing another student’s head to a desk is conduct which reflects adversely on her fitness to be a teacher and may bring the teaching profession into disrepute,” the tribunal said.

What a load of tosh. She was protecting another kid being smashed into a desk. Plenty of teachers have got off far worse.

Post Primary Teachers Association president Jack Boyle expressed concern about the case, which comes less than a month after another teacher was?censured for carrying a child to a school principal’s office?after the boy was accused of hurting four classmates.

On the face of it, one student banging another student’s head on a desk would seem to be causing harm, and stopping that with reasonable use of force would appear to be fine,” Boyle said.

“It appears in this case that the Disciplinary Tribunal has concluded that the use of force wasn’t reasonable. We’d be concerned if this had the effect of further discouraging teachers from ever physically intervening, as in our experience they’re already very cautious about doing so.”

Davies, who was made redundant after 10 years at the college soon after the incident, said the college never told her how she should have dealt with the two boys.

“I literally acted on the spur of the moment to stop one kid banging another kid’s head on to the table. I didn’t think, I just acted,” she said.

“In hindsight, I’d let the kid bang the kid. I wouldn’t get in the way.”

This is a ‘damned if you, damned if you don’t’ problem.

She tried to stop two idiot schoolboys smashing their heads against a desk…and in the end got dealt to. But I imagine if she allowed the two stupid boys to keep doing what they doing she’s be charged with negligence.

I think she did the right thing. Leaving the two fools to have at it is completely irresponsible.

Davies was initially accused of pushing three students’ heads on to their desks, throwing a whiteboard pen at a student and, in a separate incident, swearing at a class.

An agreed statement of facts accepted the swearing incident, but stated that Davies only “put her hand on a student’s head” in the first incident.

“Two students were banging each other’s heads against their desks,” the agreed statement said.

“The respondent approached the students. She put her hand on a student’s head to stop him banging the other students’ head on the desk.

“She put pressure on the student’s head and he pushed back against her hand. She then realised what she had done and removed her hand.

“The way that she touched the student’s head damaged her relationship with the boy and other students in the class who witnessed the incident, although she did subsequently undertake restorative processes.”

Davies told investigators that she was under stress “due to her extremely difficult work relationship with her head of department”.

One of the little toe-rags must have complained. What a cock.

Leaving them to it would have made the situation in the classroom worse over time. These little Sebastians know they can get away with murder and the teacher can’t touch them.

Back in my day that was worth a walloping down in the deans room with the cane. Getting rid of corporal punishment may have made the crim-hugging womble classes feel all glowing, but it has worsened society.


-NZ Herald