Futurama predicted transgender athletes at the Olympics

The Simpsons is?a famous cartoon series that accidentally predicted the future when it showed Donald Trump as President. Yesterday my daughter after reading my post about a Kiwi transgender athlete, pointed out to me that Futurama?(another famous cartoon) accidentally predicted men being allowed to compete as women in the Olympics.

Season five of Futurama

Episode 13?Bend Her

The torch for the?3004 Earth Olympics?is lit and the?Planet Express crew?watches the?Parade of Nations […]


Bender Bending Rodr?guez, watching the bending competitions, believes himself to be a shoo-in until he sees some of his fellow competitors. He decides to disguise himself as a?Fembot?named?Coilette, in order to cheat in the?robot?Olympics.

Bender wins five gold medals for the fictional country of?Robonia, but it is revealed that the winners will have their oil tested to confirm that they are actually fembots. He begs the Professor to make a woman out of him, so he undergoes a gender-reassignment operation to replace his testosteroil with fembot lubricants to deceive the judges. Though the Professor warns that he may suffer wild mood swings and runs the risk of becoming a fembot permanently, he decides to go through it anyway.

Bend Her

Turanga Leela?and?Amy Wong?protest, claiming Bender will harm the dignity of women everywhere. The Professor defends that he’s doing this “for the proud people of Robonia.” Bender then goes under the gender-reassignment procedure and emerges as Coilette, passes the test and gets to keep his medals.[…]