Google discriminates against New Zealand Truth tellers *UPDATED


Google’s word censorship has been revealed to be like a blunt instrument revealing an inability to distinguish between those who seek to cause harm and those who are writing about those who caused harm and other terrible things from history.


Google will not allow the small New Zealand registered charity Shadows of Shoah to use the words Holocaust and anti-Semitism in their Google advertising (Ad Words) because they claim that they are ‘dangerous’ and ‘derogatory’. Dangerous and derogatory to whom? Surely they are not concerned about?offending anti-Semites and genocidal bigots?

This is a very worrying development. If Google is prepared to silence truth-tellers like Shadows of Shoah who will they silence next?


Google was contacted and the use of the words anti-Semitism and Holocaust by the charity was explained to them but they still insisted that the words are forbidden and cannot be used under any circumstances. Shadow of Shoah was told that they have no further recourse so they have been prevented permanently from advertising their exhibition using Google ad words.

Google has so much control over what people can access online today. Their views toward the charity? Shadows?of Shoah are what is dangerous and derogatory don’t you think? There is no logic in their decision. It looks like they are throwing out the baby with the bathwater.

UPDATE:?Google has apparently now reversed this decision and will conduct an internal investigation.

“However, shortly after this story was published, Google contacted Newsroom to say they had got it wrong.

“We have detailed policies that apply to the content of AdWords ads designed to promote a safe and positive experience. In this instance, we clearly didn?t get it right and we apologise,” a Google spokesperson said in an email.

“The ads are now running again, and we are investigating what went wrong.?

[…] Didn’t they say ‘ no recourse’? I wonder what made them change their minds?

[…] They did. The publicity got their attention. There’s going to be an internal investigation to find out what went wrong.

[…] What went wrong? They are the ones who are discriminatory.

[…] They admit it was the wrong decision, so I would expect those who made the decisions (those further down the chain) will have questions to answer.