Have a guess how much Auckland Transport wants to blow on cycling in Auckland over the next ten years?

Do you have any idea how much Auckland Transport wants to blow on encouraging cycling in Auckland over the next ten years?

If you guessed $635 million then you are right.

This programme business case recommends an investment of $635m in cycling over the period 2018-2028 to most effectively meet the objectives of the programme. This would provide benefits of $1.9 to $4.6 for every $1 invested, and would deliver 150km of new cycleways linking to key activity centres and maximising access to public transport. The investment would see an increase in modal share of trips to work for cycling from 1 per cent to 4 per cent across the Auckland region.

In case you don’t believe here is the screen shot from their website.

So, Auckland Transport wants to spend $635 million over 10yrs. And guess which groups they consulted with – Bike Auckland, Greater Auckland (Transportblog) and Generation Zero. That’s right, left wing lobby groups. Imagine the outcry if the National government consulted with the Taxpayers Union over tax changes?

All this is while the Council contemplates ratcheting up additional targeted rates to stop effluent discharge into the harbour when it rains, subsidising train rides and numerous other spending decisions. It really highlights where the Council’s priorities lie.

Core council functions should come first, and if there is anything left over you can spend on frivolities like cycleways. It should be cycling and other such stupidity that is funded from special targeted rates. ratepayers would of course rebel, but at least ratepayers would get a say, rather than vocal vested interests.

This is obvious example of where clear savings could be made with expenditure. That is a lot of ratepayer hooter, for a few hundred road maggots who prefer to wear Lycra force fields to go to work than surrounding themselves with airbags and crumple zones.

Next time a councillor tells you that something can’t be afforded, point at this example and ask them to cancel that.


-AT website