Halal KFC in NZ no big deal she said but wait…

Syeda Fouzia is campaigning for fast food outlets to provide halal alternatives

Remember the NZ Muslim activist who moved here from the UK and who claimed that getting KFC in New Zealand to become Sharia compliant is no big deal and won’t affect we infidel kuffars one little bit?

Remember how she accused people who disagreed with her of being haters?

Well, they got KFC to become Sharia compliant in the UK but that wasn’t enough for the Muslim activists there. They wanted Sharia-compliant?state schools as well. No big deal right? Wrong.

A group of mosques has launched a legal challenge against their local council after it vowed to ban ‘cruel’ halal meat in schools.

Lancashire County Council’s new contract would have required all schools to serve meat from non-halal suppliers, after the council leader said not stunning animals before slaughter, like in Islam,? is ‘abhorrent’ and ‘really cruel’.

The council passed a motion in October to ban contracts with any supplier who did do not stun livestock before they are killed.

But the move has been put on hold after an immense backlash from the Muslim community.

And there I was thinking that the UK wasn’t a Muslim country. This is where Muslim activism always leads. This is not about tolerating Sharia law this is about being subjugated by Sharia law without a shot being fired.

[…] The Lancashire Council of Mosques (LCM) is calling for a judicial review and a regional boycott of school meals if it goes ahead.

So no tolerance from the UK Muslim community for the cultural sensibilities of Kuffar animal lovers then?

Abdul Hamid Qureshi, CEO of the Lancashire Council of Mosques (LCM), claims the council did not consult before making the controversial decision.

How is it controversial to ensure that animals are slaughtered without cruelty like they are here in New Zealand?

[…] ‘It is hurtful and negative. Our community really objects to that.’

Nope, cutting an animal’s throat without stunning it first is hurtful.

A statement on the group’ website reads: ‘Lancashire Council of Mosques is calling for a region-wide boycott of school meals following the decision by Lancashire County Council to stop providing Halal meals in accordance with the universal criteria of Halal.

‘LCM regrets the failure of the council to consult with its stakeholders prior to the decision, despite the two organisations having worked together in collaboration over the past decade.?It is with great regret that once again the issue has been politicised unnecessarily and will only serve to increase Islamophobia and antisemitism.

What a bloody cheek to bring Kosher food into their argument. You don’t see Jews in Western countries making these kinds of demands.

‘LCM remains committed to equality and human treatment of animals and believes in the rights of faith communities to exercise their religious requirements in accordance with the law.’

Their commitment to the humane treatment of animals is as believable as Saudi Arabia’s commitment to women’s rights.

[…] Lancashire currently supplies 27 schools with ‘unstunned’ halal meat, catering for up to 12,000 children who eat a total of 1.2million meals a year.

Cllr Driver said the new contract is being put on hold and halal meat will continue to be dished out under the current contract until the legal dispute is resolved.

[…] LCM boycotted school meals when the council tried to ban non-stunned meat in 2013.

Under UK law all farm animals must be stunned before slaughter, but offers a religious exemption for halal and kosher meat.[…]

UK law should not provide exemptions. At least New Zealand stood firm on animal rights and all our Halal meat is stunned first. Giving in to religious demands and putting animal rights second will lead to what has already happened in Europe where Paedophilia has been allowed for religious reasons. Muslim men with child brides have had their marriages recognised and the young Muslim girls have been given no protection despite living in?a Western country.

Once Sharia law is allowed to get its toe in the door it is a downhill slide for the Western country from then onwards. New Zealand must not follow the path of the UK which has already sacrificed animals rights on the altar of political correctness. Child brides will be next, mark my words.