Halal for profit, Halal for Dawah and Halal for increased Muslim immigration

[…] In the year ended June 2017, New Zealand exported halal-certified red meat and edible co-products worth around $1 billion. These exports were sent to more than 70 countries, and accounted for around 25% of total sheepmeat and beef exports, MIA said.

In the past decade there was significant growth in exports of halal-certified meat to non-Muslim majority markets, most notably China, which now accounted?for a?third of New Zealand’s halal certified meat exports by volume.

We already know that Halal certification is a huge profit centre for FIANZ in New Zealand and that Halal meat exports make substantial profits for Kiwi farmers by selling their meat to Islamic countries and non-Islamic countries like China. Halal isn’t just about the money, however.

In my 2.30pm article today I looked at how Halal is actually a part of Dawah, a way of spreading Islam by imposing religious dietary law on non-Muslims. Forcing non-Muslims to be a part of Muslim?religious dietary requirements is part of the spread of Sharia and is an attempt to Islamophise?our food.

I also pointed out in the article that according to a verse in the Koran it is actually lawful for Muslims to eat the food of Christians and Jews so their demand for Halal food is driven by activism and Dawah.

We are already forced to eat Halal meat in New Zealand as all supermarket chain?meat is Halal slaughtered. Already the only non-Halal meat available in New Zealand is pork, ham and bacon despite Kiwi Muslims only making up a tiny percentage of our population. Once that population increases activists like Syeda Fouzia will push to remove pig meat from schools, government?departments and restaurants as they are already doing overseas.

Halal has a third purpose. It is also a way to increase Muslim immigration to New Zealand. If you create a demand for Halal and only Muslims are allowed to certify or slaughter Halal food then you will need more Muslim immigrants to meet the demand for Halal food.

[…] The slaughterer must be “a sane adult Muslim”.

[…] The Federation of Islamic Associations of New Zealand does most of the halal certification in this country. […]

* The animal must have been killed with a sharp knife
* Its throat must be cut, ensuring the severance of the oesophagus and the jugular veins
* Only Allah’s name could be mentioned at the time of the slaughtering, and no other name associated

[…] Immigration was necessary?to ensure adequate staffing of halal slaughterers, the MIA said in its 2017 annual report.

While only a “relatively small number” of halal slaughtermen were needed – 240 – insufficient New Zealanders were able and willing to do the work. So, each year the MIA applied for its members to employ about 130 overseas-based halal slaughterers.[…]