It’s the holidays, the kids are in charge at the NZ Herald

Tamsyn Parker

It’s the holidays, what can a hard pressed, but trained and skilled, journalist like Tamsyn Parker do to produce content…oh I know…re-write an article they wrote in July and present it as new content.

Here is the headline from July 2017:

And the headline from yesterday:

The give away is in the quotes and in the first few paragraphs where the journalist gets the Finance Minister wrong:

Here are the quotes used in both articles, word for word:

“It does worry me that a lot of the people in that group are probably on low incomes.”


“It was not designed for people like me,”

Then there are quotes from “Labour finance spokesperson Grant Robertson”:

There are similar paragraphs, just re-written, but clearly Tamsyn Parker was too stupid to realise we’ve had a change of government.

The original article was clearly mostly about Michael Cullen’s thoughts, and the journalist had obviously canvassed Grant Robertson and Steve Joyce, but for some reason never included those quotes in her original article.

Then comes a hot summer…content demands…grumpy fill in editors…and we get a re-write that pretends to be a revelation from Michael Cullen but is in fact a rehash, rather poorly executed, of a story that the journalist actually wrote in July.

What makes this all the worse is that Tamsyn Parker is the “Personal finance editor at” according to her LinkedIn profile:

Or the “Money Editor” according to her by-line:

Either way she is an editor…and rehashing her work from earlier and presenting it as if it is new.

I wonder how many other articles the NZ Herald is going to rehash pretending to be new content.

Pretty poor form all round from an editor and from the NZ Herald.

It is obvious the kiddies are charge over the holidays.


-NZ Herald