“HOPE” should be Phil Twyford’s new political slogan

First KiwiBuild homes ready in mid-2018, Phil Twyford hopes. Image-Whaleoil

Housing Minister Phil Twyford hopes to open the door of a new KiwiBuild home by mid-2018, but knows that will be a stretch.

Housing Minister Phil Twyford hopes to put the key in the door of a brand new KiwiBuild home in the middle of next year.

I hope to win the lotto but since I never buy a ticket I don’t like my odds.

Twyford announced on Tuesday the establishment of a new KiwiBuild unit within the Ministry of Business Innovation and Employment (MBIE).

The flagship KiwiBuild policy is a promise to build 100,000 affordable homes within 10 years, half of them in Auckland.

A promise of…..hope. Hope and change? Now, where have I heard that before?


“Affordable” is classified as under $600,000 for freestanding homes in Auckland and under $500,000 for homes outside of Auckland and for townhouses in Auckland.

[…] Twyford told media he was hoping to get KiwiBuild builds going next year – and with luck some finished by mid-year.

Labour has previously indicated that KiwiBuild will ramp up to 16,000 homes within their first term before building over 10,000 a year in order to reach 100,000 in a decade.

“In the first half of next year we’ll have a number of sites where the first KiwiBuild homes will be built,” Twyford said.

“I would hope we would be turning the key in the front door of KiwiBuild homes some time in the middle of next year, but that will be a real stretch.”

So what he is really saying is that there is no way in hell that any homes will be built by the middle of next year.

Asked if he was going to replicate Michael Joseph Savage’s famous photo op carrying a dining table into the first state home, Twyford replied “maybe a flat-screen TV.”

I am sure he was joking but a flat screen T.V is hardly an indication of real poverddy is it? Maybe he thinks that anyone who can’t afford a large flat screen T.V is deprived?

[…] Woodhouse said KiwiBuild would take workers out of the private market, meaning it wouldn’t necessarily result in that many new homes.[…]

“He can’t take credit for what was already done.”

Of course, he can, just like Labour are going to count trees that would have been planted (without their intervention) in their tree planting tally.