Islamic justice system in Pakistan offers Christians a get out of jail FREE card

Seventy-eight Christians from Pakistan are being held in prison currently for protesting a church suicide bomb attack. The Attorney General has offered them a get out of jail FREE card with one little requirement. He has said that they can be released if…

they convert to Islam.


Islam is the religion of peace and peace means everyone has converted to Islam. That is how “peace” is achieved.

These Christians who are a minority group in their country do not get treated with tolerance or given freedom like minority Muslims are treated in New Zealand. Instead, when they are not being violently attacked and killed by their fellow Pakistanis they are blackmailed by their Islamic government into converting to the very ideology that oppresses them.

The Christian Post
Pakistani Police Beat, ‘Torture’ Scores of Christians, Leave Them in a ‘Bloody Mess’ to Extract Confessions